McCall & Partners

McCall & Partners leverages years of experience in global capital markets, private equity, company re-engineering and liquidity events, working with dynamic companies, their owners and stakeholders, by developing business strategy, goals and objectives. We work to shape and form financial modelling, socialising the business and, defining shareholder needs towards trade sale or IPO aspirations.


Through our two trading divisions we offer Research led thinking coupled to value creating Advisory.


The McCall objective is simply 'to be the preferred partners of entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders, helping companies which will positively impact on society as a whole."


Don't just take our word for it. Our track record is available as are the dozens of executives and owners we have worked with.

McCall Consulting


We are committed to 'company side' advice, offering guidance through routes to liquidity events for fast growing businesses. McCall enters into partnership with owners and managers, helping to articulate and implement the appropriate strategy to match aspirations.

McCall Research


McCall Research has long been turning over stones, making observations and formulating a view on matters affecting clients now and in the future. And because we are independent, we are not afraid to take a view, and give clients plenty to think about.


Our in depth understanding of capital markets, economies, energy matters and service sector allows us to be relevant in many situations. If we feel we can't create value, we will say so.


Creating Value - The 'Value Pyramid'


Whilst all around are preaching 'added value' we aim to go one step further by working alongside clients to 'create value'. This is not just the talk, it's the walk we have taken with many clients in the last decade.


We aim to encourage and coach clients to take steps and do things they would never have thought of doing themselves.


It's bold, tangential thinking and never more of the same. If you keep doing the same old things, unsurprisingly, you will reap the same results.